Field Manager Schedule

Spring 2012       
Date Field Manager Special Event
April 15   Todd Taylor   Season Opener
April 22   Laura Haugh-Scheidt  
April 29   Ron Greenberg  
May 06   Mark Puck  
May 13   Chris Bayard  
May 20   Steve Garrett  
May 27   Stephen LaBelle  
June 03   Ira Plitz   Inter-regional games only
June 10   Angela Johnston   End of Season


Field Manager Duty Checklist

Step One: Check fields Sunday morning by 10:00am to see if playable and weather will permit play. Check weather report. This doesnÂ’t include painting fields or equipment check.

Step Two: If play is not possible due to weather or field conditions, call to discuss with appropriate Board members.

Step Three: If game day is cancelled, Field Manager is to call Division Managers and Referee Administrator to start phone tree, website and hotline notification.

NOTE:   The Field Manager calls the games after play has started if lightning is seen. All games will be cancelled and the equipment will need to be packed up. Division Managers and the Referee Administrator are notified of the cancellation.

Step Four: Get Ready to Play

a.   Be at park by 11:30 am to open storage pod and disseminate equipment.

b.   Stay around to make sure all goes well. A cell phone is useful.

c.   Have board member numbers, park permit and first aid kit.

d.   End of day: account for all equipment and report broken equipment and field issues to Fields and Equipment Director.

e.   Ensure storage pod and large goals are locked. (Tip - Lock the storage pod and have equipment returned to area outside pod - then it can be put away in an orderly fashion)

Step Five: Pass key to the next person on the schedule. If you are unable to be Field Manager on your assigned day, please make arrangements to switch with another board member.