Registration for Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 soccer year

Regular registration is in April/May (starting April 1 this year; late fee after May 18) for a full year including a Fall and then Spring session, each of about 8 weeks. But there are still opportunities for new players to play in Spring 2016

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Registration for Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Season

Here are steps to complete a registration. The links in the right sidebar also provide useful information.

  1. Pre-register starting April 11, 2016 at
    • (If you are creating a new account for a returning player, you will need to phone eAYSO support at (866)588-2976 to link existing player records to the account.)
    • In the main "My eAYSO" home page, player application links are in the left column and volunteer links in the right. Make sure you update all contact information, players' jersey sizes, etc.
    • You can pay online with a credit card or electronic check. (For multiple players, do it at the end after all players applications are completed to obtain the sibling discount.)
    • You can register without volunteering, but at least one parent from each family should volunteer if at all possible. Complete volunteer pre-registration online as well.
    • If you will need to attend in-person registration (see below), it is helpful if you bring one printed copy of the registration form of each player and each volunteer. (For each form, one page through the first signature is sufficient despite eAYSO messages.)
  2. For any player that has not previously played in AYSO, be prepared to present a proof of birthdate, e.g., a birth certificate or passport. (A backup mechanism if it can't be presented in person is to scan and email it to
  3. If you haven't completed one for your family in the past, please review and commit to the "Kids Zone" pledge.
  4. You can stop here if all the following conditions are satisfied:
    • All your players have played in AYSO in a prior year.
    • Your family has completed at least one volunteer application and all volunteers were registered in a prior year. (Just like players must reapply each year, volunteers must reapply each year, and this is a separate process from player registration or indicating volunteer preferences during player registration. Volunteer application is accessed from the right-hand column of the initial page after eAYSO login.)
    • You have proceeded through e-signature for all players and volunteers.
    • You have paid online (credit card or electronic check).
    If any of the conditions in the section above has not been met, then you must complete registration in person. Come during one of these times:
    • Saturday, May 7 from 12:30pm to 3pm at the Warren Park Field House at 6601 N. Western (Early Bird Pricing)
    • Sunday, May 15 from 1pm to 3pm at the Rogers Park Field House at Jarlath and Rockwell (Early Bird Pricing)
    • Last in person registration: Sunday, June 5th from 1pm to 3pm at Rogers Park Field House at Jarlath and Rockwell (Regular Pricing)
    You must bring:
    • If you haven't completed one for your family in the past, a completed "Kids Zone" pledge.
    • A printout (one-page through e-signature) from eAYSO for each player and each volunteer.
    • A check to "Rogers Park AYSO" if you haven't paid online. See fees below.
    • A copy of a birth certificate or passport for any new player.
    • A copy of a driver's license or state ID for any new volunteer.

2016--2017 AYSO Age Requirements

(Note that the U19 age division is sometimes divided into U16 and U19 or even replaced by U17.)

Soccer Divisions
Date of Birth Approximate Age Division
   Aug 1, 2012 to Aug 30, 2013** 3 years old U04
   Aug 1, 2011 to Aug 30, 2012 4 years old U05
   Aug 1, 2010 to Jul 31, 2011 5 years old U06
   Aug 1, 2008 to Jul 31, 2010 6-7 years old U08
   Aug 1, 2006 to Jul 31, 2008 8-9 years old U10
   Aug 1, 2004 to Jul 31, 2006 10-11 years old U12
   Aug 1, 2002 to Jul 31, 2004 12-13 years old U14
   Aug 1, 1997 to Jul 31, 2002 14-18 years old U19
**No exceptions can be made on the minimum age to play.

Player Fees for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Soccer Year

  • Early Bird Pricing is $135 for the first player when you register your player between April 11th and May 15th.
  • Regular Pricing is $150 for the first player you register after May 15th.
  • Multiple player discount: The fee for additional players in your family is $10 off the regular registration price.

The Player fee is one price, no matter how much or how little a child plays during the year. There are no pro-rated players fees. We accept online payments by credit card and checks, money orders, or cash. No 3rd PARTY CHECK will be accepted.

(Note: U16 and U19 teams play a single season only, i.e. U16/19 Girls play in the Fall and U16/19 Boys play in the Spring.)

A limited number of scholarships are available every year. Scholarship inquiries can be made to the Registrar or Regional Commissioner. No discounts are awarded in exchange for volunteering in any capacity.

Questions about registration or eAYSO?

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Uniform Sizing Chart

Withdrawing A Player

Full refunds are issued up until the first game of the Fall session.