No Rain Outs!  Games are cancelled for lightening ONLY!

Games are not called off for rain alone. Games may be called if fields are unplayable or if there is lightning or thunder. Be sure to dress players properly if games proceed in rainy or cold weather.

Game cancellations at Rogers Park and Lerner Park will be posted in the left side bar under "Game Day Status". Game cancellations for games played away from Rogers and Lerner Parks are at the discretion of the hosting region, we will relay the information as we are notified. Click here for web links to neighboring AYSO regions.

Get game cancellation notices on your phone via Twitter, no registration is required. Text "Follow rpayso" to 40404 to receive game day cancellations.

Spring 2017 Schedules (also includes Fall '16 for U10B)


Special note for June 11: We will make the following arrangements AT ROGERS PARK for for U08G, U10G, and U12 teams (that had generally been playing against Skokie and Evanston teams):

  • Our two U08G teams will play each other at U08 field 3 at 12:15. (Setup and leave up.)
  • Our two U10G teams will play each other, with added players from our U12G team, at the U12 field at 12:15. (Setup and leave up.)
  • U12B-02 Herzfeld vs U12B-03 Berlowitz at 1:30 at the U12 field.
  • U12B-01 (Kompel) versus Skokie U12B Team 1 (Daly) at 2:45 at the U12 field. (Takedown.)

Schedules for U06, U08 Boys, and U10 Boys can be accessed in this table, which link also appears below. (For U10B, Fall 2016 as well as Spring 2017 information is included; there has been no change to the full-year U10B Fall+Spring schedule except that May 21 is AreaFest for U10 and U12 (with further details in the AreaFest Handbook.)

U08 Girls, U10 Girls, and U12 Boys play some games in Skokie and have schedules posted on the Skokie schedules page and linked below.
Our U08G teams are "RPG1" (Mint Marinelli) and "RPG2" (Melon).
Our U10G teams are "RPG1" (Purple Obrien) and "RPG2" (Mint Oppenheim).
Our U12B teams are "RPB1" (Red/White Kompel), "RPB2" (CobaltBlue/Red Herzfeld), and "RPB3" (KellyGreen/White Berlowitz).

U12 Girls play some games in Skokie and Evanston. Evanston is in charge of this schedule, but their website is undergoing some transformation and may not readily expose the schedule , but it is linked below. Our team is "RP 1" (Gold/Teal Muller). Note that May 21 games in the Evanston schedule will not be applicable due to AreaFest. (Note that U12 Girls information at Skokie web site is only partial.)

Division ScheduleLast ChangeLocations/Directions
U04 Game ScheduleRogers Park (see RP Field Map)
U05 Game ScheduleRogers Park (see RP Field Map)
U06 Game ScheduleApr 6, 2017Rogers Park (see RP Field Map)
U08 Boys Game ScheduleApr 6, 2017Rogers Park (see RP Field Map)
U08 Girls Game ScheduleRogers Park & Skokie Laramie
(see RP Field Map & Skokie Laramie)
U10 Boys Game ScheduleApr 24, 2017Rogers Park (see RP Field Map)
U10 Girls Game ScheduleRogers Park & Skokie Channelside
(see RP Field Map & Skokie Channelside)
U12 Boys Game ScheduleRogers Park & Skokie Hamlin
(see RP Field Map & Skokie Hamlin)
U12 Girls Game ScheduleRogers Park, Skokie Madison & Channelside, & Evanston James
(see RP Field Map, Skokie Madison & Skokie Channelside, & Evanston James)

Inter-regional (Area 6D) schedules

Web links or copies of IR schedules will be posted here along with the IR Handbook (old version for now).

Division Schedule and LocationsLast Change
U14 Boys Inter-Regional Game ScheduleJune 3
U14 Girls Inter-Regional Game Schedule
U19 Boys Inter-Regional Game Schedule

EXP Program

Division ScheduleLast ChangeLocations/Directions
U10 Boys EXP Game Schedule Traveling
U12 Boys EXP Game Schedule Traveling